Industry Use Cases

Our platform is currently used within a number of diverse industries to provide seamless technology solutions.


Facility Management

We are redefining a traditional, manual industry, with our data driven, and real time collaboration tools. Writing a new chapter in this industry, we are connecting government stakeholder, enterprise, vendor and customer together, and redefining the service and cost models for this large, global industry.



Working with clients in the large commercial, and domestic fields, we are pioneering the dynamic flow of data, customer experience, and digitising the physical world. We have achieved great success to date bridging legacy, cloud and data science for this industry and are revolutionising the customer and vendor engagement space.



Using our real time communication platform, Virtual Assist, and our pricing and scheduling tools, we are innovating the motor industry. From Fleet Management, Dealership and Smash Repairers, we have driven customer experience outcomes, and performance optimisation using tools from our ecosystem.



Within the insurance industry Codafication is delivering an industry first technology platform which services an ecosystem of insurers, authorised repairers, third party vendors and insured customers; delivering real-time client engagement and data collection for some of the largest insurers within Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Our tools are redefining the claims experience that hundreds of thousands of customers experience annually.


Human Resources

From recruiter, to scheduler, and project manager; our artificial intelligence, and automation frameworks, are helping choose the right candidate, schedule work, and measure outcomes within this large field. As our technology can be deployed behind firewall, or in the cloud, we are able to work across a large breadth of clients from Government, Enterprise and Small Business.

Other successes are being born within the Government, Construction, Facilities Management, Utilities and Property industries.