Build with Coda labs

Anything is possible. Take advantage of our unique technology and work methodologies to create powerful software. Fast. We’re happy to share our experts and divulge our deepest secrets.  

Three ways to engage:
Create new apps, fast
From a single app to an entire ecosystem, we can design, build, and deploy brand new technology from the ground up.
Modernise legacy systems
Don’t let an outdated system stand in the way of your digital transformation. Use your existing data and infrastructure in new ways.
Solve your biggest challenge
No matter your industry or use case, a dedicated team of Codafication experts will work with you to create a custom solution.

Co-Build with us

Want to join forces? The most popular option is to immerse Coda’s knowledge, technology, methods, and dedicated specialists within your existing infrastructure. This is a great way to learn how we work but still alleviate any internal strains. Learn how we operate and encourage technical talent attraction with our exciting tech stack.

Co-build BENEFITS:

How we can help

Offload it all onto us. Get a dedicated team of specialists to create a custom app or modernise your legacy system.

Outsource to Coda

Strained for time, resources, knowledge, and stress? Let us take that stress off your shoulders. Codafication can work as an extension of your business, and run the entire process for you. Get your own dedicated Coda team, including project management, business analysts, support, and more.

outsource BENEFITS:

Do it yourself

Want to do what we do? If you’ve got the time and team internally, you can gain access to our unique development tools and systems to create your own software. Build and ship software in days, not months.

immediate benefits:

How we can help

Do what we do. Launch Codafication’s unique technology, Unity Cloud, in-house to rapidly create new tech.
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Codafication is trusted by leading insurers, retailers, brokers, and more.

Curious about Coda Labs?

Get in touch to ask us about how it works, pricing, client case studies, and more. Our experts are ready to help.