About Codafication

Based in Brisbane, Australia, we’re a self-funded tech startup that specialises in creating software that liberates our customers. Our innovations include Crunchwork, Unity Cloud, and Virtual Assist. We also build custom apps and powerful ecosystem platforms for our clients through our services arm, Coda Labs.

We believe in
digital transformation zen

We’re dedicated to helping businesses to modernise their processes to save time, cut costs, and create better customer outcomes. Without the headache.

We’re a team of gutsy innovators and problem-solvers, who think big and take action. Our products are powerful and easy to use. We build closely with industry leaders and end-users to ensure our innovations make an impact in people’s lives.

We use our creations ourselves here at Codafication to provide the highest quality outcomes for our clients. Fast.

Our Vision
A world liberated by technology, not constrained by it.
Our Mission
We’re pioneering new ways to make the world simpler.
Our Motto
Build elegant solutions to complex problems.
Our awards and accolades

DIAmond Award 2018

At DIA Munich in 2018, we were awarded “Most Strategic Impact to the Insurance Industry”.

Insurtech of the Year 2021

Awarded by the The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance at the Australian Insurance Industry Awards.
ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management CERTIFIED

ISO 27001 Certification

International standard to manage information security.

Backed by Microsoft

Codafication and our technologies have been scouted to be part of the Microsoft Start-Ups program.

Who we are

With over 15 years in business in the financial services sector, our founders Dan and Drew saw firsthand the frustration that insurers, their supply chains, and their customers, were facing due to outdated, clunky systems. So many businesses were limited by software that was powerful, but restrictive.

Or, they were using a Frankenstein-esque combination of tech glued together in an effort to make things work. There was also the hurdle of achieving digital transformation without compromising a legacy system.

So, we created Unity Cloud. It’s a one of a kind platform for rapid software development. This world-first platform allowed us to create  Crunchwork, Virtual Assist, and other custom platforms and apps for our clients.

Why We’re Different

Our software lives in the cloud and can liberate data safely and securely from even the most stubborn system. We then use machine-learning and clever automation to package it all up into an easy-to-use interface that’s fully flexible — so you get to use the data however you want.

We build everything using our unique rapid innovation processes, and our one of a kind platform, Unity Cloud. There’s nothing else like it. As a start-up, working with us is fast, flexible, and personal.

Locally Based, Locally Supported

Forget off-shore teams and auto-responses. Our team is based right here, where you need them. They work closely with our development and product teams to deliver the highest quality support.

Our Values

We’ve streamlined our values into four key behavioural groups.

Open Minds Open Doors

Open Minds
Open Doors

Learning = Leading

Learning =

Pursue Excellence


Be the Difference

Be The

Meet the Founders

Dan has a wealth of experience across tech, marketing, project management, and financial services. At the helm of Codafication, he drives our vision. Dan works closely with internal stakeholders and our key clients to bring our innovations to life and to market.

Dan Sandaver Co-Founder & Managing Director

Drew’s career highlights include the successful creation of a large scale construction company, delivering more than 200M in sales revenue. Adapting industry knowledge to pricing, safety, project management and vendor management, Drew innovates at the coalface for our clients.

Drew Butler Co-Founder & Director
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Codafication is trusted by leading insurers, retailers, brokers, and more.

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